Transportation Clerk
Ashley Watson
1-(609)-268-0316 ext. 1008

The Shamong Township Board of Education provides transportation of pupils pursuant to New Jersey State statutes and in accordance with Board Policy #3541.1 and Regulation #R3541.1. The Board of Education recognizes that transportation to and from school is required for the promotion of education. The Board is responsible to transport eligible students to and from their homes. Eligible students are those who live outside a two mile door-to-door distance from the school. The Shamong Township Board of Education also provides courtesy busing for those students who live less than two miles from the school.

  • All students residing in Shamong are provided transportation to and from school. We go to great lengths during the summer to make sure the routes and stops are designed for safety and efficiency. No routes or stops will be changed without the approval of the Transportation Department.

  • During the first few weeks of school, please be patient as parents, students and staff familiarizes themselves with the busing process, especially on the first day as everyone wants a picture, a hug or a little extra time. Please have your child prepared to board the bus upon arrival. Similarly in the afternoon our staff takes great care to ensure all students are on the correct routes. Therefore, for the first few days of dismissal the buses will also be delayed. (also on district home page)

    Parent Transportation Help/Comment Ticket

  • All students will have an assigned seat on the school vehicle. Seating assignments will not be changed for the first week of school unless there is an emergent need, and may only be changed by the building administration. Students should be ready for the bus 10 minutes prior to pick up time. Route times are subject to change if routes require adjusting once school has begun.

  • All school vehicles meet Federal and State regulations and are equipped with seat belts, stop arms and crossing arms. All bus drivers (district and contract) meet Federal and State regulation, including criminal background checks and random drug testing.

Child Care Provider - Alternate Bus Stop Request

All transportation is automatically determined to be to and from home. If your child needs to be transported to and/or from a babysitter's residence or a child care facility, the request must be in writing. Please use this form to request child care/babysitting bus arrangements. Transportation is provided for locations within Shamong Township only.

  • Requests must be received at the Main Office by JULY 12, 2024 for the arrangements to start on the first day of school.

  • Requests received after 7/12/24 through 9/6/24 will go into effect AFTER SEPTEMBER 13th

  • Alternate transportation arrangements are made available as a courtesy. These arrangements must be for 5 days per week and can be morning pickup only, afternoon drop off only, or both.

 Alternate Bus Stop Request Form Request Form: Must be received by July 12th for the arrangements to start on the first day of school. Requests received after 7/12/24 through 9/6/24 will go into effect AFTER SEPTEMBER 13th.

2024 ESY ONLY Form
Alternate Bus Stop Request