Google Drive

The Shamong School District is now using Google Drive an integral part of the teaching and learning environment. Students now have district accounts that have a non-functioning email account that allows them to use the Google Drive. While using Google Drive with the district account, please do not use a personal Gmail account, nor link a personal Google Account with the District Google Account.

From the Google Drive the students have the opportunity to create new docs such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentation and others while accessing the drive from any web-enable device.

This forum allows the communication between the teachers and students and can foster collaboration and a cooperative learning experience to accomplish a task individually or in a group.

Below is a document that provides simple directions to get the students to access the drive from home. Also, below is a link to a Google Docs quick tutorial on using the Google Drive. Google Drive and the classroom setting will expand as Google develops more apps and programs for educational use.

 Google Drive at Home Google Drive Tutorial