Early Dismissal

The following regulation has been established to provide an orderly school closing when the safety of students is threatened as the result of inclement weather or other emergency. The main purpose is to ensure that elementary pupils will be able to be dismissed at the normal dismissal time.

  • The Superintendent of Schools, or designated representative, is responsible for making the decision to close school early.

  • Individual schools and the "School's Out" Program Director will be notified of an early school closing by the central administration, either via use of the district administrative telephone chain, or by direct calls to the schools.

  • Parents are permitted to come to school for their children at any time during early dismissal procedures.

Indian Mills Memorial School (IMMS) Transportation & Extracurricular Activities

  1. All field trips, afternoon extracurricular activities and athletic practices and games are to be cancelled.

  2. The Superintendent's office should be notified when all buses have departed.

Indian Mills School (IMS) Transportation & Extracurricular Activities

  1.  IMS should be prepared to dismiss bus students upon arrival of buses. Buses should be loaded and depart under the direction of the principal. 

  2. Sometimes the decision to implement this emergency dismissal procedure may be made on the basis of a weather forecast. In such a situation, if the predicted weather conditions do not materialize, the building principals will be notified that even if the afternoon buses arrive early, students are not to be dismissed until the normal dismissal time.

  3. All after-school and evening activities are to be cancelled.

  4. The School's Out Program will be cancelled.

  5. The Superintendent's office should be notified when all buses have departed. Please refer to the Private Line telephone list for the appropriate number.